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Events Coverage and Photography

Thank you so much for considering Tarry Hearken Solutions! We are glad you are here. I think it's safe to say that if you have made it to this point in your quest to hire a photographer, (and you are reading this), you are our kind of customer.

Creating great images is more than pushing a button and taking a picture. Photography using the available light to capture and tell a story. Telling your story is everything to us. We work hard to capture and edit your images. It's a process that we enjoy!

  • Portraits

  • Starting at:$17500
    1/2 Hr.
  • From headshots in a studio to full body environmental sessions that place you in the midst of your vision, Herman and I work to accomplish your vision. It doesn't matter if there is an ample amount of natural light, or we have to light the scene our selves, we will tell your story!

    For a glimpse of past sessions or more details about other priced packaged sessions, click the link below!

  • Engagement

  • Starting at: $25000
    1 hour
  • Congratulations GUYS!!!

    Marriage is a big step in the right direction! I don't take this commitment of love one toward another lightly! you over the next few months you will be building a team, one Monique and I want to be a part of. Let's connect! We will get to know each other and by the time the wedding day approaches, we will be part of the family!.

    Click below to see our portfolio.

  • Family

  • Staring At:$37500
    2 hours
  • One of our more intimate sessions happens when doing family portrait sessions. Whether its archiving maternity full family images, we do it with care.

    For the family session, there is an opportunity for you to choose your favorite local park, community or welcome THS into your wonderful home.

    It would be our pleasure to capture your memories.

  • Wedding

  • Staring At:$210000
    5 hours
  • Monique and I truly care about the couples who choose us to be a part of their special day! That care is exuded from prior to your wedding, on your wedding day, and after. Let's connect! We would love to meet over coffee, warm apple or hot cocoa!

    We look forward to becoming part of your team!

    Click the link below for the portfolio and other price lists.