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Client Proofing

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Awesome! Welcome to the THSprophoto Family!

We are glad to have you! The proofing page allows our clients to take part in the final editing and delivery of the selected images.

Family and friends alike will especially enjoy the customized private proofing experience. The site allows them to leave comments in this blog style password-protected site!

Click the tab below as we look forward to collaborating.

Proofing Home Page

Travel Photography

The World From My Perspective

Monique and I love to travel!

And in most cases, (well for me at the least,) traveling is one big photo walk! lol

My creative juices just explode the minute I leave my front door! No seriously, video and pics all the way there, and back!!!

For me, as a DC Photographer, GPS geotagging has become a hobby anytime I leave the DC, MD, VA, area.

Whether it's my camera phone, GoPro, or heavy DSLR I just straight up turn into a tourist!!

This section of our site is dedicated to that creative expression.

You will see it all. From Family Photos, and Street Photography, to Architecture.

Basically, it's the world from eyes. Enjoy and/or leave feedback!

Travel Photography

Artistic Expression

Street and Art Instagram Feed

Hanging out in the streets, I get into all kinds of fun!

Similar to travel photography, doing street photography in DC revigorates me.

THS has two Instagram feeds, THSprophoto which is our main business site displays snippets from our client sessions, and THSProphoto_expression is dedicated to a day and life in my shoes.

Please fill free to subscribe to both!


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